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Z-Boarding on the Bob Jones Trail

The Z-Board Pro's finally came! We were so excited that Jason and I had to test them out on the Bob Jones Bike Trail last week. Of course we brought a camera and SkyPirate Gimbal with us to document the adventure. The Z-Board is a weight-sensing electric skateboard. You step on the front button to [...]

What's Cooking for 2013

The world didn’t end last year so it’s about time we got you up to date on what we’re doing for this one. Since you last heard from us the woodshop’s been pumping out new boards, our sales team has run across the globe and Guff’s put out a few videos while starting thirty more.  […]

Introducing the Peacemaker from Land Yachtz

  The Peacemaker is one of 2012’s most anticipated boards, something truly different that will sell through fast. Shipping now, get this on order and in your shop before it’s available online. Read the details below in our press release, mailing Monday.       Press Release:   Not long after the Wolfshark was introduced […]

Landyachtz longboards in stock!

Do you live on the Central Coast and like to skateboard? Well, if you said yes to both questions, consider coming into California Kiteboarding, LLC to purchase a new Landyachtz longboard. Our shop is located at 695 Price Street Suite 103 in Pismo Beach and right now we have about seven complete Landyachtz longboards in stock. […]

Kahuna Creations Longboard Unveiling

Unveiling a masterpiece Kahuna Creations is unveiling a fresh, new board designed after its own Black Coral Classic Surfboard. They are specifically made for SUP on the street and perform like nothing else on the market.   An incredible 4' 11" long  and 14" wide Weighs only 17 lbs Strength from its 100% Baltic Birch […]