Gath helmets are the safest, the lightest, and the best quality helmets for both air and water sports. These gath helmets have been tested by extreme sporting professionals to withhold intense weather conditions and sporting situations. Since 1988, Gath has created a reputation for being the best-fitting helmets that offer a balance between impact protection and flawless performance. Gath helmets significantly decrease the risk of injury from extreme sports.

Today the team at Gath are passionate about producing the best possible product quality and customer service. Gath continues to fund innovation and work closely with top sports people and professional personnel to develop more unique world class products.

We carry a variety of Gath helmets including:

Gath Surf Convertible – The Gath Surf Convertible helmet is the lightest helmet available designed for surf. This helmet is comfortably snug and ideal for rough waves. The Gath Surf Convertible contains an earpiece that can be disconnected when there is heat or added when it is cold. Audio vents are also included in the helmet to either block the cold wind or open to improve hearing.

Gath Sport Hat Heltmet – The Gath Sport Hat Helmet is a strong, durable and rust-proof helmet made to withstand harsh climate conditions.

Visor for Gedi Convertible – The Visor for the Gedi Convertible is a fully adjustable visor to provide maximum face protection with access to total vision.