Pismo Beach Kite Expo 2018 April 13th-15th

Kinsley Thomas Wong started the Pismo Beach Kite Expo 16 years ago! Come celebrate the joy of kiteboarding and share the stoke he and so many others have created a lifestyle around. We encourage our board sport riders to #livelikekinsley and share the beach, the waves, the wind and the stoke with a smile. There’s no territorial / locals only kiters here! Kinsley was always willing to help and teach new kiters about a water sport that will change your life. Kiteboarding is not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle! Kiteboarding will not only make you a better waterman/waterman but it will help you to travel the world, make new friends, try new gear, and get you away from the computer (which you are on right now!) So join us at Pismo Beach this year, next year, every year, and any time the wind is blowing the right direction!

Pismo Beach Kite Expo!

April 13: #Live Like Kinsley Dinner/Band to benefit Oceano Jr Lifeguard Summer Program, 7p -10p 

April 13-15:  KiteXPO demos 12pm to 5pm

April 14:  Beach BBQ/Bonfire 6p-10p

Register at the Event Site or Contact Marina @ thekiteboarding.com

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