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Large Drone Pulls Paddle Boarder On Hydrofoil!

An industrial sized drone pulls Jason Lee on hydrofoil paddle board through Morro Bay! Using many motors and two 16,000mAh batteries, the custom built Hexacopter pulled the paddle boarder for up to 20 minutes on the water! After reaching a high enough speed the hydrofoil paddle board lifted out of the water, allowing the drone [...]

Epic Hydrofoil Stand Up Surfing on California's Central Coast

Hydrofoil Surfing has opened up a lot of uncrowded surf locations with huge potential for the ultimate foil ride. Pismo & Oceano Beach has a long history of close out waves & mushy surf. At high tide the hydrofoil is fast enough to beat closeout sections and power through any mushy surf. Check out this [...]

What is Kiteboarding?

Simply, kiteboarding is awesome, but we're wagering you may want a somewhat more in-depth explanation! If you've ever seen someone windsurfing, you'll know that the wind, plus a surfboard, can be a combination that creates an incredibly fast and exhilarating experience. However, what happens when you add a kite, instead of a sail? Well, we'll […]

Extreme Academy - BSUPA 2010 Series Finals - Cornwall

Watergate Bay, Cornwall will be the site of the final SUP showdown of the year, the weekend of October 16th and 17th. With no wave competitions this year, Watergate Bay will see the best wave paddleboarders going all out for fame and glory — as well as a chance to become the 2010 BSUPA National […]

Spartivento Challenge

The Spartivento Challenge, presented by Chia Wind Club, will take place at a beach known as “Chia.” There will be two disciplines for the Kiteboarding FISN Cup 2010: racing and wave. Racing will be held October 8th-10th. The waiting period for the wave event will be from October 10th — November 3rd. Registration fee: €40 […]

Canon 7D Housing Aqua Tech CO-7 Sports Housing

IN STOCK NOW!!!! Purchase Now! This Aqua Tech CO-7 Underwater Sports Housing is designed for the Canon 7D camera. The camera fits in the housing like a glove. This allows the housing to look, feel, and operate like your camera, using tactile controls instead of levers and gears. The polyurethane and epoxy construction makes the […]