Gatekeeper SUP Stand Up Paddle Wall Racks have the ability to show off your boards. They help you get organized while giving you back your valuable floor space.

These Stand Up Paddle Wall Racks are designed with functionality. With their simplistic beauty, these racks can be installed in any room of the home, office, shop or garage. These racks contain quality materials to guarantee the strength needed for holding up your favorite boards. Our steel support arms are uniquely shaped for easy loading and unloading of your boards. All critical surfaces are covered with high quality nitrile foam tubing to protect your board and provide soft cushion. Each Gatekeeper Stand Up Paddle Wall Rack design showcases your boards in a way that allows you to show their best attributes. These racks even come in a variety of designs that store from 1 to 3 surfboards.

Every Gatekeeper Stand Up Paddle Rack includes:

  • High quality nitrile foam cushioning to protect your board’s finish
  • All-steel wielded construction
  • Sturdy 1 inch (25.44mm) diameter tubular steel support arms
  • Wide support backing tube provides a rigid connection to your wall
  • Powdercoated finish – color: matte, black
  • Installation fasteners (1/4 x 3″ lags and flat washers for stud mounting)
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