Standup Paddleboarding is the latest water sport. It is gaining popularity in the surfing community and with athletes from different backgrounds. Standup paddleboarding is an efficient way to catch waves, see amazing scenery, explore, and even get a core workout. The sport is not just for surfers; triathletes, kayakers, and anyone who loves the water is trying this new sport and getting hooked. Surfers love it because you can catch any type of wave, from small whitewash to huge reef breaks. Whether you are catching a wave, cross training for a race, or enjoying the scenery, standup paddleboarding has no limits.

SUP Lesson: Lessons are available starting at 9:00 am. If necessary, upon request we can schedule a different time. All lessons are subject to weather conditions.

Introduction to Standup Paddleboarding: 
1.5 Hours, beginner to intermediate. Our intro to standup paddleboarding is a perfect way to start enjoying the sport. In this course we cover equipment overview and safety awareness. You will learn proper stance, balancing, getting up, efficient paddling techniques, steering, and how to turn around quickly. After the basics have been mastered we will have time for a tour of the lake or coastline.
Private: $125
With Equipment Purchase: $75

Equipment included:

  • Paddle
  • Board
  • Helmet
  • Leash

You can rent a wet suit for $10 or bring your own

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