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Below are the best weather maps for local stand up paddleboarding, kiteboarding, & surfing. The NOAA California buoys are about 20-40 miles offsore but typically provide a good estimate for wind. Hot weather can tend to block wind off the coast. Look for coastal temperatures below 70 for the best wind.


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Pismo Wind:[php]global $myrows; print_r($myrows[0]->pismo_wind);[/php]
Oceano Wind:at mph
San Francisco Buoy:[php]global $myrows; print_r($myrows[0]->sf_buoy);[/php]
Monterey Buoy:[php]global $myrows; print_r($myrows[0]->monterey_buoy);[/php]
San Martin Buoy:[php]global $myrows; print_r($myrows[0]->smartin_buoy);[/php]
Santa Maria Buoy:[php]global $myrows; print_r($myrows[0]->santa_maria_buoy);[/php]
Pt. Arguello Buoy:[php]global $myrows; print_r($myrows[0]->arguello_buoy);[/php]
San Clemente Buoy:[php]global $myrows; print_r($myrows[0]->sclemente_buoy);[/php]