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Large Drone Pulls Paddle Boarder On Hydrofoil!

An industrial sized drone pulls Jason Lee on hydrofoil paddle board through Morro Bay! Using many motors and two 16,000mAh batteries, the custom built Hexacopter pulled the paddle boarder for up to 20 minutes on the water! After reaching a high enough speed the hydrofoil paddle board lifted out of the water, allowing the drone [...]

Epic Hydrofoil Stand Up Surfing on California's Central Coast

Hydrofoil Surfing has opened up a lot of uncrowded surf locations with huge potential for the ultimate foil ride. Pismo & Oceano Beach has a long history of close out waves & mushy surf. At high tide the hydrofoil is fast enough to beat closeout sections and power through any mushy surf. Check out this [...]

FoilMount Board Installation

FoilMount Installation Guide Congratulations on your purchase of the FoilMount, a Universal Hydrofoil Track Mounting System! There are a few considerations to take into account before installing your new FoilMount system: The FoilMount requires a flat surface to mount.  To check your location, use a straight edge or level on the surface of the area [...]

Product Review: 2017 Slingshot Hover Glide NF2

A complete review of Slingshot’s Hover Glide NF2 Foil. One of the best foil’s on the market, the Hover Glide NF2 is advertised as durable and affordable. California Kiteboarding’s Jason Lee takes a closer look at the foil from his own experience training on the Hover Glide. He explains where the foil succeeds and breaks down […]

Kiting Route: Oceano to Shell Beach

California Kiteboarding's Jason Lee and friends Victor, Brian, Scott, Dave, John, and Caveman had quite the kiting adventure yesterday when they kited 18 miles from Oceano to Shell Beach and back. Jason used a foilboard and hydrofoil while the rest of the gang used kiteboards (giving him an edge on speed). Their route can be [...]

Naish and Starboard SUP Hydrofoils

SUP foiling is taking off! Naish and Starboard have both designed hydrofoils and foilboards as the sport begins to garner attention. The Starboard hydrofoil series, created with Go Foil and to release in August 2016, will be compatible with Starboard surf and race SUP boards. See their promotional video below for a sneak peak at their [...]

Kite Lessons and Foiling in Pismo

We've been really busy here at California Kiteboarding now that kite season has picked up! Kite lessons are in full swing now that the wind has arrived. We've had a great time teaching everything from the basics with our Slingshot B2 and B3 trainer kites to more advanced techniques out in the water with our [...]

New Gear for Hydrofoil Boarding

We are happy to be carrying more gear for hydrofoil boarding this 2016 season. Our collection consists of Slingshot's hydrofoil collection including a variety of foils, boards and masts. Boards consist of the 2015 and 2016 Slingshot Alien Air and Slingshot Dwarf Craft in 42" and 54". Masts range from 15" to 35.4", allowing for different [...]