Pismo Beach Foiling

California Kiteboarding’s Jason Lee,¬†Scott Smith from Art’s Cyclery, Steve Nyswonger and his son Mike Beneron, and Ken Krall hit the waves at Pismo Beach recently.

The wind hit 12mph; perfect foiling condition speeds! Steve’s son Mike was killing it out in the water. He not only had his jibes on the foil down, but was riding waves.

One of the advantages of foiling is that it can be done in lighter wind than kiteboarding, expanding how often one can get out on the water. The day Jason and the rest of the gang made it out winds were so light the only people on the water were the foilers and those with large kites.

Other kiters on the beach watched the foilers and got excited at the prospect of being able to get out on the water on days they’d typically have to stay in.

The foilers have found that the San Luis Obispo County beach is perfect for foiling when the wind is light and the waves are small.

“Pismo is an ideal place for foil kiting because we have some real nice flat water between the sets and you can go all the way from Oceano to Pismo pier in one tack,” Jason said.

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