Z-Boarding on the Bob Jones Trail

The Z-Board Pro’s finally came! We were so excited that Jason and I had to test them out on the Bob Jones Bike Trail last week. Of course we brought a camera and SkyPirate Gimbal with us to document the adventure.

The Z-Board is a weight-sensing electric skateboard. You step on the front button to accelerate and the back button to brake and go backwards. I was a little nervous to ride it at first, but I felt more comfortable when I realized how easy it is to control your speed.

You can get up to 17 MPH on the Z-Board, which feels pretty dang fast when you’re swerving along a bike trail. After about 15 minutes I was testing how fast I could go while maintaining control.

It was a fun ride and I can’t wait to take the Z-Board out again. Check out our video with some clips of the day. Music: “Stay High” by Hippie Sabotage.

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