Kiteboarding in Sherman Island

Jasmine Ardeshiri met Jason while he was in Belize this past April taking videos and photos for Slickrock Adventures. Jasmine decided to purchase a Slingshot RPM from our store as a California Kiteboarding Team Rider and went to Sherman Island to test it out.

Sherman Island is an island in northern California, in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta about a mile and a half away northeast of Antioch. Shortly after the pictures were taken of Jasmine riding her new Slingshot RPM, she was not riding suicide and accidentally became unhooked. Her kite flagged and she lost the bar. When she got back to the bar she hooked back in but the lines were too messed up and began looping. Jasmine had to self-rescue because she was going into the trees.

Jasmine says she will be riding the bar suicide style since she’s practicing her KGB’s. Although Jasmine was only out for about ten minutes, her friend was able to take a couple cool pictures of Jasmine and her new kite. STOKED!

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