Humpback Whales Spotted in Avila Beach, CA

During the past week humpback whales have decided to grace us with their glorious presence right around the corner from us in Avila Beach, CA. This isn’t the first time that the whales have come to visit the beautiful Central Coast. This is actually a little bit of an annual thing and the whales come to our shores to feed around this time of year.

Jason was able to fly his Phantom 2 with attached GoPro Hero Black and Phantom 3 to get some really cool footage of the whales and then later decided to go out on his SUP and get even closer pictures with his Canon EOS 400mm 2.8 lens!


The California Kiteboarding Crew were all out enjoying the whale experience on the Starboard All Star 12’6″, Starboard Touring 14′, Naish Glide Air and the Naish One.

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