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Shawn Richman joins the Naish International Kiteboarding Team

One Richman was not enough! Naish Kiteboarding is stoked to announce that Shawn Richman, brother to team rider Jesse Richman, has joined our International team. Shawn's testimony on the new kit: "The Torch is the best kite ever for freestyle. So happy to be back on a real C-shape…better to boost tricks and big airs; […]

Karen Wrenn: The First SUP Crossing of the Channel Islands

Last week, stand up paddler Karen Wrenn became the first person to paddle between all 8 of the Channel Islands, consecutively, off the coast of Southern California. Rough seas, inclement weather, long distances and sealife with mighty big teeth were some of the challenges she had to overcome to make the crossing.   “After he […]

MBS Newsletter April 2010

DROPPING IN! So….there you are…..standing on the edge…looking over and pondering the outcome. You’re thinking “Hmmmn…I know I can do this, I just haven’t done it before.” You’re thinking there are only two outcomes. Outcome #1 – You start your approach with doubt in your mind and you feel squirrely as you approach the jump. […]

MBS Newsletter July 09

UNSTOPPABLE! Dirt, grass, pavement, bmx tracks, single track trails, grass hills, your backyard and now apparently even houses can be ridden. Basically, as you know, with a mountainboard your terrain is limitless. Oh, and regarding the cover shot. That’s ill Shaunzo doing a gutter tap. More on that project in future issues. In case you’ve […]

MBS Altitude Cup

You can tell the organizers of the Altitude Cup have passion for the sport. Just look at their retail shop….nothing but wall to wall mountainboards, mountainboard accessories and mountainboard pictures. Dave (Gonzo) Kennedy and Phil (Yeti) Sheader are avid mountainboarders and are building the sport one rider at a time up in Empire Colorado.  Although […]

Nate Harrison Grade Downhill Results

Last weekend’s race was sick and everyone had a blast! Thanks to all riders, sponsors (Kicker Audio, Ground Industries, Dirtheads, etc), bands, and supporters. Hope to see some of you next year! Official Results Youth 1. Damien Hertenstein (9 years old) 38:30 2. Gunner Hertenstein (7 years old) 39:45  Open 1. Kody Stewart 19:17 2. […]