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  • Sale!

    2016 Starboard Paddle For Hope 11'6" x 29.5"

    $2,249.00 $1,599.00


    “The Paddle For Hope is a celebration of life. Our goal is to give back some strength and confidence to women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and give them the chance to start healing through paddleboarding.” – Karin Horen, Paddle For Hope Ambassador.

    After removing from breast cancer at the age of 26, SUP fitness instructor and mother-of-three, Karin Horen made a promise to help others on the same journey, and in 2011, together with volunteers and Starboard NZ, Karin initiated the annual Starboard Paddle For Hope charity event; a fun SUP festival to raise money awareness for breast cancer rehabilitation.

    In 2014 Karin had breast cancer for the second. She underwent a double mastectomy, chemo and radiotherapy, and reconstructive surgery, all while using paddle-boarding to help her recover.

    Starboard will donate 50 Euros from every Paddle For Hope board sold to help people rehabilitate from the effects of cancer through the PaddleOn SUP Rehabilitation Program, facilitated by Pinc and Steel Cancer Rehabilitation Trust <>

    • The board features artwork from The Painted Warrior, by NZ artist Nikki Sorich. In the original painting she sits gracefully in a small paper boat on which is written by her child -“love, hope, courage, faith and family”- words chosen to represent a woman’s journey with breast cancer.


  • Sale!

    2015 Starboard Pocket Touring 9'6" x 29.5"

    $2,477.00 $1,953.00

    Extra fast for its length, real stable and great tracking.”

    The Pocket Touring 9’6” x 29’5” is another milestone by Starboard. A versatile short hull signifying a new landmark in Touring performance.

    It accelerates well with its low weight and has an agile feel. It easily keeps good ground speed and is faster than a 12’0” all-round design.

    The swept back oversized Director fin is extra wide and makes for great tracking with the fin box sitting all the way back in the board,

    This light, fun, Pocket Touring design is fascinating on the flats, great in chop and a blast through shore breaks. A short, easy to store board that is really big on performance.

    “Round V double concave midsection to deep V concave tail”

  • Sale!

    2015 Starboard Elite Touring 11'6" x 29.5"

    $1,899.00 $1,279.00

    “Extra fast, real stable and great tracking.”

    The Elite Touring 11’6” x 29.5” proved a breakthrough in gliding performance for a board at this length. The slender nose section pierces water while volume distribution in rails and concave bottom shape provides the glide and stability.

    It feels light and nimble, has great glide and is simply fun to ride. The aft fin box supports great tracking.

    Equipped with two bungee tie downs to carry extra gear and four FCS inserts for installing lights or GPS.

    “Round V double concave midsection to deep V concave tail”

  • 2014 Starboard Cruiser 12'6"X 30"

    2014 Starboard Cruiser 12’6″X 30″

    $1,939.00 $1,289.00

    Renowned as a fast cruiser for both open ocean and lakes, the Cruiser maintains its performance proven shape.

    • Excellent Stability
    • Easy to Ride
    • Great for learning to surf
    • Awesome all around board
    • Great Glide/Fast
    • Excellent Stability
    • Easy to Ride
    • Great for learning to surf
    • Awesome all around board
    • Great Glide/Fast