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Killer SUP Deals

Killer SUP Deals

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  • Sale!

    2016 Starboard Pro 8'0" x 29" Brushed Carbon

    $3,199.00 $1,699.00


    • 8’0” has become the “go to” length for
      tight pocket turning amongst more
      experienced riders.
    • 29” is suited for riders up to 85kg who
      like the 8’0” length but demand
      the extra stability.
    • Holds well off the bottom in larger surf
      and generates speed in smaller waves
      for tight cutbacks.
    • Available in Blue Carbon Technology.
      Bottom shape: “Continuous mono-concave to V off of the tail.”
    • Mono-concave gives speed down the line,
      while the V tail makes turning instant on the tail.
  • Sale!

    2016 Starboard Drive 10'5" x 30"



    • 10’5” is the shortest all round shape, designed for
    greater maneuverability and reactivity on the wave.

    • 30” width is stable for lighter riders up to 90kg
    wanting a board that does it all.

    • Narrower width increases speed and tracking
    due to holding the paddle straighter to the board.

    • Available in Blue Carbon, Wood, AST Electric, Starshot,
    and Inflatable Technologies.

    • AST Electric has windsurf option.

    Bottom shape: “Mono-concave to double to V”

    • Mono-concave in the nose creates lift and directs water
    into mid-section double concave for speed and acceleration.

    • Rail-to-rail turning from mid-point of the board.

    • Tail V increases maneuverability for smooth and tight cutbacks.

  • Sale!

    2016 Starboard Whopper 9'5" X 33"




    • The shorter 9’5” Whopper is easier to turn and maneuver
      on the wave.
    • 33” width gives stability and float for riders up to 100kg
      for all round fun.
    • Shorter length makes it easy for all riders to carry
      and transport.
    • Available in Blue Carbon, Wood, AST Electric, Starshot
      and ASAP Technologies.
    • AST Electric has windsurf option.
      Bottom Shape: “Mono to double concave to tail concave”
    • Mono-concave gives lift feeding to the double concave for lift
      and control with rail-to-rail turning.
    • Tail concave accelerates the water flow towards fin,
      while very slight V offers a cleaner release.
    • Generous nose kick makes pearling close to impossible.