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SUP Boards

SUP Boards

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  • 2019 Starboard Inflatable 9'6" X 36" X 6" River


    This board is short, compact and stable. The 9’6” is designed to maneuver the most technical river runs. It accommodates up to 105 kg. and will take first timers from navigating basic class1 and 2 rapids up to advanced white-water performance. A new wider and squarer shaped nose increases stability to handle bigger drops and more extreme river runs. The tail is marginally wider to give more stability when stepping back to turn. Increased nose rocker stops the nose from diving and helps safely drop into steeper runs.

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    2018 Starboard 11'0" x 34" River Inflatable

    $1,449.00 $1,194.60

    11’0″ x 34″ River 11’0″ length with a narrow nose outline for a faster glide combined with 34″ width gives comfort and stability.

  • Sale!

    2018 Starboard 9'6" x 36" River Inflatable

    $1,449.00 $1,194.60

    9’6″ x 36″River A stable and progressive board that will take a first timer from navigating basic class 1 and 2 rapids to the ultimate white water performance. We have increased the rocker on the 9’6″ RIVER for additional hole punching and wave cruising performance. For riders up to 105 kg to handle choppy water and big drops.

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    2016 Starboard X Stream 8'6" x 33" Inflatable

    $1,397.00 $1,033.78


    • Short, nimble and reactive, the X Stream is designed for lighter
      riders up to 90kg wanting added sensitivity on the river.
    • The shorter length offers quicker turning and faster response
      when reacting to challenging conditions.
    • 33” width is stable but fits with the proportion of the board to
      offer free-style river performance.
    • Available in Zen Technology.
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    2016 Starboard Stream Crossover 11'0" x 34" Inflatable

    $1,455.00 $1,033.05


    • 11’0” length is designed for river racing with narrow nose outline
      for a faster glide.
    • Best option for heavier riders up to 115kg wanting extra comfort
      from the added volume.
    • 34” width gives stability while maintaining efficiency and
      maneuverability to react and respond to the river.
    • Available in Deluxe Technology.