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Slingshot H5 Front Foil Wing

foil_detail_carbon2017_WINDSURF_FWIND1_FOIL_FLATLOC_SUPPORT_WEB_950x360H1 surf-SUPh2 windsurf

Slingshot H5 Front Foil Wing


The H5 wing is designed for all-around freeride performance.

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Product Description

As part of Slingshot’s Modular System, it is compatible with any Hover Glide foil setup. This is the stock wing that comes with the Hover Glide kite and wake packages and has a proven reputation as one of the most user-friendly foils on the market.

For kite: All-around freeriding. Super stable, early lift, well-rounded performance. Featured in the popular Foil Academy ( learning course.

For wake: The H5 wing lets you foil bide behind any boat, any condition. With early lift and relatively slow foiling speed, this is a user-friendly wing that pretty much any competent wake boarder can get the hang of quickly.

For windsurf: Smaller and lower profile than the stock H2 windsurf wing, the H5 wing for windsurfing yields faster speeds and is a great option for smaller/lighter riders or for foiling in stronger wind.

• Versatile wing profile designed for all-around freeride performance

• Versatile wing profile designed for all-around freeride performance

• Stock wing for Hover Glide kite, wake and windsurf FWind2 packages• Customize your ride, cross over to other sports

• Sturdy pre-preg carbon construction

• Proven design for user-friendly flying

Solid Carbon Composite Construction
Each Hover Glide wing is made of solid carbon composite and prepreg carbon construction. Unlike the super fragile high-modulus carbon construction of more expensive foils, the Hover Glide can take a beating, and scrapes and dings can be repaired fairly easily.

Flat-Loc, Fuse-to-Wing Connector
Foiling, carving, jibbing and jumping puts enormous forces on the fuselage-to-wing connection. Our Flat-Loc™ Fuse-to-Wing connection is designed like a wrench on a nut. The load is married to the fuse and the wings, with no load on the bolts. Unlike bolt-on wings, the Flat-Loc™ system is safe, secure and smart.

Additional Information

Shipping Weight 10 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 20 x 10 x 10 in


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