2016 Starboard Wide Point 10'5" x 32"

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10’5” length offers glide on flat-water and fast entry into waves.

• Shorter length heightens maneuverability and tighter turning.

• 32” width gives balance for riders up to 105kg.

• Available in Blue Carbon, Wood, AST Electric, Starshot and Inflatable Technologies.

• AST Electric has windsurf option.

Bottom Shape: “Mono-concave to double concave to round V”

• Heavy mid-section V and double concave generate speed with a rail-to-rail

sensation when standing in the middle of the board.

• Tail V rocker and outline help to create smooth tight arcs.

• Fine forward rails, mono-concave nose and ample nose kick provide an efficient

smooth and safe entry into the wave.

2016 Starboard Wide Point 10'5" x 32"
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