2016 Starboard Elite Touring 11'6" x 29.5"

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  • Shorter length is more manueverable on the water,
    while maintaining speed, tracking and stability. Also lighter
    and more manageable to transport for riders up to 90kg.
  • Equipped with two bungee tie-downs to carry extra gear
    and four FCS inserts for installing camera.
  • The aft fin box supports great tracking, reducing the amount
    of times you have to switch sides when paddling.
  • Available in Wood, Starshot (See page 15) and
    Hybrid Carbon Technologies (See page 61).
    Bottom shape: “Round V double concave mid-section
    to deep V concave tail”
  • The slender nose pierces through small chop while volume
    distribution in the rails and concave bottom shape provides
    the buoyancy for fast glide and stability.
2016 Starboard Elite Touring 11'6" x 29.5"
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