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  • 2018 Naish Hover 160


    Whether just getting started or looking to take your foiling to the next level, the Hover 160 foilboard is a fantastic and forgiving choice for gliding above the water.

  • 2018 Naish Hover 155


    Versatility is deeply embedded in the DNA of the Hover 155.

  • 2018 Naish Hover 130


    The Hover 130 foilboard is the perfect way to take your foiling to the next level.

  • 2018 Naish Hover 112


    Highly compact with minimal volume, the Hover 112 takes full advantage of minimalist design.

  • 2018 Naish Hover 138


    Conceived to push the boundaries of speed, the Hover 138 foilboard challenges the limits of race foiling with its sleek and narrow shape. Its precise, CNC cut, closed cell core is wrapped in lightweight, high tensile fiberglass, providing excellent strength with minimal weight.

  • 2018 Slingshot Alien Air 4'8" HydroFoil Board


    • Stout, stable and buoyant: User-friendly board for all abilities
    • Great option for entry-level foilers
    • Wide body, aggressive rocker helps prevent nose diving
    • Concaved deck creates agile handling w/ subtle movements
    • Adjustable pedestal mount for varying foil positions

  • 2018 Slingshot Dwarfcraft 3'6"


    • Low-profile skate-style shape for advanced foil performance
    • Concaved deck for agile handling w/ subtle movements
    • Compact for easy travel & transport
    • Light weight, low profile, durable construction
    • Full-length deck pad for grip & cushion Slingshot’s

  • 2018 Slingshot Dwarfcraft 4'6"


    • Great all-around foil board for every condition
    • Light weight, durable Slingshot construction
    • User-friendly shape provides smooth takeoffs, agile handling
    • A board you can progress with but won’t outgrow
    • Concaved deck for agile handling w/ subtle movements

  • 2018 Slingshot Hypermiler 4'8"


    • Advanced board built for speed and efficiency
    • Super light all-carbon construction
    • Race-caliber board for riders who know exactly what they want
    • Great board for distance riding and aerials
    • Textured deck increases traction and decreases weight

  • 2018 Slingshot Converter 5'4"


    • Surf and foil with the same board
    • The perfect choice for traveling
    • Brings familiar surfboard feel to foiling
    • Versatility without compromising performance
    • Based on Angry Swallow’s all-around surfboard performance

  • 2018 Slingshot Simulator 5'6"


    • Soft EVA foam covers entire deck and rails
    • Designed for user-friendly foil progression
    • Longer length helps get you up and going
    • The ideal board for learning or teaching
    • Soft top protects you and the board