Ganges SUP Team to Paddle Entire Indian River

Starboard reports the Ganges SUP team, consisting of Shilpika Gautam, Pascal Dubois and Spike Reid, have set out to paddle the entire length of the Ganges River in India. This is the first time anyone has attempted to paddle the full length of the river.

The team’s motivation comes from the river’s high pollution that led locals to nickname the river the “lethal cocktail”.  The Ganges SUP team website states the river’s pollution comes from human and industrial waste. The team hopes to highlight the need for change and cleaner waters. The team also states they hope their journey will encourage others to partake in adventures such as theirs and hope to promote paddle boarding as an Eco-tourism opportunity in India.

The Ganges river has both flat and rapid sections, requiring two different types of SUP boards along the journey. The team will use Starboard Touring boards in flat sections and Dan Gavere Inflatable stream boards in the rapids.

Starboard says a full documentary of their journey will be released, but for now videos of their daily journeys can be found on the team’s Facebook page.

Two months into the estimated three month journey the team should finish soon. We wish them the best of luck as they finish it up!

Photo Credit: Starboard 

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