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12 Ideas for SUP Christmas Gifts


12 Ideas for SUP Christmas Gifts

Thanksgiving is days away, which of course means Christmas music is already playing and your local Target has long moved on from Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations (despite the fact we’re still a week out from the latter) filling their store with Christmas themed home decor and lots and lots of gift displays.

Thus, many of us will soon jump into gift buying mode and California Kiteboarding is here to help with this handy SUP Christmas gift guide (with gifts of all price ranges) for the SUP boarder in your life!

1. A Leash


This might be better suited as a stocking stuffer, but it’s one of the cheaper options if you pulled a SUP boarder for Secret Santa.

To pick a leash you’ll need a little background on the SUP boarder’s preferences. Leashes come in a number of sizes and are coiled or straight. Generally you’ll want the leash to be a foot longer than the rider’s board. As far as coiled or not, if the SUP rider will be in the surf, you’ll want that leash to be straight as an arrow. You won’t want the board springing back in the midst of waves. For racers though coiled is perfect as it will keep the board close to you and get you back on track quick!

View our leash options here.

2. A Safety Helmet


SUP boarding in rocky areas? A helmet may be an ideal gift that says, “Hey, I care about you, please don’t hit your head.” There’s different styles and colors to help get one customized to the rider’s preference. If they already have a helmet and you’re looking for something cheaper, visors and ear protectors are available depending on the style of helmet purchased.

See our collection of Gath helmets here.

Dabco Gatekeeper Modular Racks Mounting Track

3. Board Racks


A great SUP Christmas gift for someone who wants to show off their boards, needs some help with organization, or needs a better way of transporting their gear to the beach. Racks can generally hold 1-2 boards depending on the size you pick.

View our wall racks, car racks and tie downs here.

4. Marine Watch


Marine watches are great for paddleboarders who are into touring thanks to features like GPS, altimeter, barometer, compass, weather alerts, and a swimming mode that can track distance, pace, stroke type, and stroke count.

See our available watches here.

5. Electric SUP Pump



Know a SUP boarder with an inflatable board? They’ll be thankful forever for no longer having to hand pump it up thanks to an electric SUP pump. Comes with everything you’ll need and as a bonus it also works on kites for kiteboarders!

View our SUP electric pump here.

6. Hydration Pack


If a SUP boarder is out in the water for long periods of time, they’re going to need water. Drinking water to be exact. Hydration packs are the perfect remedy. Coming in fanny pack like sizes of 48 oz to full on backpacks of 70 oz there’s a size for your needs.

View our hydration packs here.

7. Life Vests


If your SUP boarder is particularly adventurous, and by that we mean they paddle beyond surfing, swimming or “bathing” areas, by law they must wear a life vest. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to make sure they have one!

View our life vests here.

8. RinseKit


Is your SUP Christmas gift going to someone whose car is always full of sand? The RinseKit can help with that. This ingenious portable shower is perfect for washing off after a day in the waves. It even holds hot water. It’s probably our favorite thing on this list to be honest.

Take a look for yourself here.

9. GoPro and Gear


Looking for a larger SUP Christmas gift? GoPros are great gifts for people who are constantly seeking adventure. From SUP surfing to exploring, the GoPro can document it all. The GoPro itself is pricey, but if you’re just looking for accessories they can be pretty inexpensive.

The GoPro and some of its accessories can only be bought here in our store (695 Price St. #103 Pismo Beach, CA), but you can browse here.

10. Board and Paddle Bags


SUP and paddle bags are great extras that help keep gear from getting dinged up, especially in storage or when transporting. Looking for a cheaper option? Paddle blade covers can be as cheap as $15. Meanwhile SUP board bags can be more costly in the $100-$200 range.

Take a look at our options here.

11. A New Paddle


If you really want to knock it out of the ball park a new paddle might just work. Be sure to know their preferences though. Paddles can come in adjustable or fixed sizes, different constructions, colors, and are designed for different activities like race or surf. With so much variety though the good news is there’s a paddle for every type of rider!

See our paddle selection here. Have a question about the paddle types? Call into the store at (805) 295-6306. We’re happy to help!

12. A New Board

$$$ – $$$$

The most expensive and last item on this SUP Christmas Gift list of course a SUP board itself. Have they had their eye on one of the new 2017 boards? Maybe they want something smaller or a different type of board? New, used, surf, race, all around, carbon, inflatable, we have it all.

Check out our selection here.


  • December 9, 2016

    Great list of Christmas gifts! I’m particularly intersted in the RinseKit. I often take my SUP on excursions into the wilderness. This would be really helpful by keeping my gear clean and extending the life of the board. Thanks for sharing!

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