Naish Riders Foil & Kite in Israel

Surf House Israel shares what happens when former pro Naish rider, Leeshai Miller, and current Naish International Pro kiteboarder, Kevin Langeree, foil and kite around Israel.

As they begin their escapades, Langeree shares with the camera, “We’re going to do some urban kiting in the middle of the old city and the old harbor and I don’t think it’s ever been done.”

The pair foil around the harbor with Naish’s 2017 foiling equipment, before taking their equipment to the turquoise waters of Haifa. Then it’s off to the Sea of Galilee for some freestyle kiteboarding and Old Acre for a risky stunt, jumping off of a wall with their gear into the waters below.

The unique backdrop of Israel makes this a must watch!

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