Naish Hokua LE Takes Australia

Naish windsurfing team member, Bernd Roediger, took a break from his sails, taking to Australia’s coast with a Naish Hokua LE and paddle in hand. Roediger shares that on this particular day exploring the South Coast of Australia, he and his fellow adventurers (including Kai Bates) trekked through the middle of the jungle to reach this particular surf spot.

“We trekked around for miles, on the rumor that Kai had caught wind of, a barreling right-hand slab jutting out into the sapphire-blue Tasman sea… Perfection, that’s what we found, sadly, only I was healthy enough to ride it, I was just going to have to take one for the team :),” Roediger writes in the video’s description.

The video delivers with footage of Roediger carving up beautiful blue waves, effortlessly maneuvering his Hokua LE. Most impressive may just be how well the Hokua LE handles the sharp turns and quick movements Roediger pulled as he surfed up and down the waves.

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