Starboard Hasulyo Brothers Win 220 km Race

Brothers, Bruno and David Hasulyo won first and second place in the SUP 11-Cities Ultimate Challenge Tour yesterday in the Netherlands.

The five day race began on Wednesday, September 7th and finished on Sunday. The race totals 220 km (about 137 miles) and as the name suggests, winds its way through 11 different cities along Holland’s waterways. The race was originally created to promote stand-up paddling in Holland. With 200 national and international racers now expected for the tour it seems they’ve achieved their dream!

The race now allows others to conquer their own goals, such as the Hasulyo brothers who took third and fourth in the same race last year only to take the lead the first day this year, keep it through all five days, and win (SUP Racer). The brothers trained for the race for a year ahead of time, making it their sole focus, according to Starboard.

Both brothers rode the new 2017 Starboard Sprint, giving all of us an early look at its speed. We’re excited to try it ourselves!

Congratulations to the Hasulyo brothers! It was a huge achievement.

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