NLand Surf Park: Man-Made Surf Spot


Wave pools are more and more likely to be included in surfing’s future. Pro surfer Kelly Slater’s company Slater Wave Co. created a wave pool in California (inland, away from the coast), though it is not yet open to the public, and the New York Times reports a surfing “lagoon” opening soon in Austin, Texas.

The lagoon, called NLand Surf Park, is from the mind of Doug Coors, a surfer and engineer. The park’s website describes itself as being:

the only inland surfing destination in North America for surfers and wave sport enthusiasts from novices to world-class competitors.

The park’s lagoon is the size of about nine football fields, with eleven surfing sections. The sections are categorized as one of four surfing levels, from beginning to pro. Beginner sections have one foot waves, while the pro section waves can reach up to 6 feet.

The park should open in 2016, but the New York Times reports the park faces backlash from local government. The county wants the lagoon to meet the same requirements as a public swimming pool, but given its size and engineering that’s proving quite difficult.

NLand Surf Park filed a lawsuit against the county, arguing that the lagoon’s filtration system meets the same sanitation standards as a public pool’s system. We hope the case settles soon, as the park seems like a pretty great idea for those who live inland and fantastic for those learning to surf.  View the video and the rest of the New York Times article for more information.

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