Naish Maliko Shines in Victoria Cup

The Victoria Cup occurred this past May, but a recent video from Naish shows off their team’s success at the competition, as well as the beauty that is the Naish Javelin Maliko race board.

If you can’t ride a board before purchasing, it’s nice to at least see video of it in action for an idea of how it handles. The Naish Maliko shines in this re-cap video, being the board ridden by first and second place winners, Casper Steinfath and Kai Lenny.

Highlights include seeing the Maliko handle sharp turns during the race and seeing its speed potential as the Naish riders glide past the front runner in the race’s final moments.

Not only does Naish’s race board get shown off in the video, but also their team rider Casper Steinfath as he wins the title. SUP Racer reports the race to be Steinfath’s first win against rivals (and friends), Kai Lenny (fellow Naish rider) and Connor Baxter (Starboard rider). After the win he is covered in hugs by his teammates in a heartfelt moment.

The riders used a 2016 Naish Maliko 12’6″.

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