Starboard Rider Wins Five Consecutive Eurotour Events

Kai Lenny isn’t the only professional paddle board racer making news this month with Starboard rider Leonard Nika winning five events in a row in the Eurotour. Nika’s latest achievement was taking first place in the São Jorge 2 Pico Challenge in Portugal.

The race takes place between two of the region’s islands, Pico and São Jorge with competitors racing through the channel on inflatable paddle boards. Nika made the crossing in 2 hours and 11 minutes with fellow Starboard rider and brother, Claudio Nika, coming in behind him in second. The Starboard riders naturally used Starboard inflatable boards.

The Portugal race has grown in popularity this year according to SUPConnect with a record high of 20 participants. Considering this is only the race’s third time to be held annually the number is a success with a fair amount of participants being from out of the country such as the Italian Nika brothers.

We’re proud to see both Starboard and Naish riders doing so well in races these last few weeks! Congratulations to both Nika brothers.

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