Starboard's Noli SUP Race 2016 Recap

On July 16th and 17th, the Euro Tour hosted the Noli SUP Race in Italy. The tour is presented by Starboard and began just last year. With the goal of unifying what they describe as a “fragmented racing scene” the Euro Tour hosts 13 SUP events in eight different countries over six weekends. The event featured in the video took place in Noli, Italy and¬†consisted of a long distance 15km, sprint race 500m, and an inflatable race 250m. Their event also has less competitive activities such as junior SUP races, SUP polo games, SUP lessons, and a Starboard Starship group race.

Winners of the Noli SUP Race included Leo Nika in the men’s division and Susak Molinero in the women’s division. The Euro Tour ends next weekend in the UK with the St. Ives’ Celtic Cup.

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