Pros Surf Kelly Slater's Wave Pool

Looking for the perfect wave? Kelly Slater Wave Co. has built a solar powered wave pool, designed for surfers. The Los Angeles Times reports that the pool is located in Lemoore, California, a town nowhere near California’s plentiful beaches. This feat could make it possible for those not living near the ocean to be able to take up the sport of surfing. Slater opened up the pool recently for pro surfers, Carissa Moore, Nat Young, and Kanoa Igarashi according to

“It’s the perfect wave in the middle of nowhere,” Igarashi says in Slater’s video.

The video shows all three of the surfers taking a turn in the barrell of Slater’s man-made wave. The surfers are all smiles and watch in amazement as they surf one at a time in the pool. The inland surf spot will play host to more pro surfers in the future (, but is for now closed to the public.

See the wave for yourself in the video from Kelly Slater Co. above!


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