2012 Naish Kite Sale

We are having a killer sale on 2011 and 2012 Naish kites.  Naish manufactures some of the best kites available today.  This is a great opportunity to get a great kite at an incredible price!  Photos, information and prices for the kites are below: 

2011 Naish Park

   Riders looking for simple, no-fuss performance. The Park is a performance focused kite condensed into an easy, simple package.

Price: $880 (Complete Package)



2012 Naish Park

   Designed with fun in mind, the Park is the one kite that does it all – any rider, any style, any condition. …………………………..

Price: $740 to $1294



2012 Naish Bolt

   For riders demanding superior stability, direct bar feel, fast turning and easy jumping over the broadest range of conditions.

Price: $703 to $1228



 2012 Naish Torch            

The world's premier C-kite.

Price: $627 to $1294

2011 Naish Torch

 For 2011, the Torch continued its unsurpassed performance with polished refinements that take all riders to the next level.

Price: $852 to $1031  (Complete Package)


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