2013 Starboard Paddle Overview


AVAILABLE LATE 2012 – Contact us for pricing and availability





A well balanced blade design with a medium dihedral providing great stability and good power.

Available in five sizes tailored to different power requests and
designed as a multipurpose paddle for waves, flat water and racing. The Enduro is our most popular blade range due to its versatility and light feel. Sean Poynter and Zane Schweitzer’s choice for wave riding.

The Silver blades come in pink and blue graphic options.














High Aspect

A longer, narrower blade with a flatter profile which combines power with a forgiving feel perfect for racing, the choice of champions.

The High Aspect is a very powerful, deeper, narrower blade designed for the most demanding racers. Its high aspect ratio shape offers more torque for a similar size blade, resulting in better thrust and higher speed over distance. Connor Baxter’s choice for racing.














Enduro Adjustable

This adjustable paddle features a pre-preg carbon/glass hybrid blade and shaft

This adjustable paddle features a pre-preg carbon/glass Hybrid shaft and handle which is adjustable from 175cm to 235cm. The blade is also prepreg carbon/glass Hybrid and based on the popular Enduro 525 shape. Features an easy to use, but secure lever-lock to adjust the paddle to your desired length. Features a rail band around the edge of the blade to protect paddle and board.

This is the perfect paddle for clubs, rentals, and schools because one paddle can be used for all and everyone can have a paddle at the correct length.

The Enduro Adjustable also comes in a three section option best suited
for travelers needing a compact paddle and a great companion for the Starboard Astro inflatable paddleboards.
















Enduro Tufskin

The Fiber-Tufskin paddle features a nicely-foiled strong ABS blade based on the Enduro 525.

The Fiber-Tufskin blade comes standard with the Glass Rebound shaft making it an exceptionally good value. A kids’ version with a shorter shaft and a smaller 400 cm2 (62 in2) blade size is also available. The Enduro Fiber-Tufskin is also perfect for white water paddling due to its extreme strength and durability.

The Enduro Tufskin paddle is also available in adjustable and three piece versions, best suited for schools and travelers.











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