2013 Starboard Blade Technology

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Starboard has undertaken the most extensive R&D program focusing on minimizing weight and optimizing blade flex. Each blade has been tuned to have different flex characteristics by utilizing uni-direction and biaxial cloths in their construction. Starboard offers four constructions to fit your power requirements, comfort needs and budget. For extra durability, Starboard’s Carbon, Silver, and Wood blades have a strong ABS rail insert along the entire edge length of the blade.


Carbon BX

Eager to push the limits in innovation, Starboard’s R&D Team is proud to introduce what are probably the lightest paddle blades on the market. The blades feature a lightweight PVC core and full ABS rail with a biaxial carbon layup which provides the right amount of flex for the lightest weight and strength. Available in all shapes and sizes starting from 135g. Compared to our 013 offering, the 012 carbon blades are 50% heavier.



The construction of this year’s Silver blade has been optimized to reduce weight by 35% while maintaining the “snap” at the end of the stroke provided by flexible fiberglass materials. The higher flex provided by the Silver blade makes each stroke more forgiving. The blade features a lightweight PVC core and full ABS rail with Starboard Silver glass and unidirectional carbon spine for more strength at the connection between blade and shaft. Lightweight riders may prefer Silver to the Carbon blade due to the higher flex.



The wood blades are extremely beautiful and are a perfect match for your Starboard wood boards. Natural wood is a uni-direction fiber which creates a stiffer blade for a more direct feel. The blades feature a lightweight PVC core and full ABS rail with Ash wood layup and unidirectional carbon spine for more strength at the connection between blade and shaft. Each blade has Pro TEC T, UV protective film to assure that the wood will hold up to UV exposure.



The Tufskin blades are strong, extremely durable ABS foils based on the Enduro 525cm2 blade and the kids 400cm2. Their forgiving nature and high quality shape makes them the best value offering in the sport. The Tufskin blades are perfect for whitewater paddling due to their extreme strength and impact resistance.

Blade Overview

The blade’s size can be compared to the gears of a bike: the higher the gear or the smaller the blade, the less effort each stroke consumes with less forward motion generated. The lower the gear or the bigger the blade, the more energy will be used and the more forward motion will be activated. The smaller blade sizes are recommended for long paddle sessions, lighter people, or those with a high cadence stroke. The larger blade sizes provide immediate power with only a few strokes enabling fast and late drops into waves.

Enduro Wave

Enduro 550 Enduro 525 Enduro 475 Enduro 430


The angle of the paddle blade though the water and the blade’s size dictate the power and efficiency of your stroke. Our blades are foiled to minimize drag and maximize power transfer throughout the stroke. A well-balanced paddle blade squanders little energy.

High Aspect 600 High Aspect 550 High Aspect 500

Paddle Overview

Carbon Silver Wood  Hybrid Tufskin Lady Tufskin High Aspect




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