2012 Surftech Jamie Mitchell Navigator 14' - Used Like New

2012 Surftech Jamie Mitchell Navigator 14' – Used Like New

Surftech con­tin­ues to be the SUP leader, and this is why every­one from the world’s top design­ers to world-class ath­letes have cho­sen Surftech boards.

20 years ago Surftech was created to bring new technology to the process of board building. Founder, Randy French, saw that the way boards were being made hadn"t changed for over 40 years. The old way wasn"t very durable, so a lot of boards ended up in landfills and the toxic materials weren"t kind to the environment. He made it his mission to bring revolutionary new construction technologies to the world.

The Wood Veneer Series was the first technology, resulting in beautiful, durable, precise boards created with a seamless construction process. It was embraced by many legendary shaper/designers and continues to be used in select models.

Randy kept pushing and looking for better materials and techniques that would enable him to exactly reproduce master shapes that were lighter, stronger and more ecologically sustainable. The result was the creation of Surftech"s Tuflite epoxy composite technology, which was a game-changer in the industry. After years of research and testing, Surftech was proud to be the first company to offer a real alternative to the fossil-based foam cores currently being used. The resulting “Natural Composite' core material is made from a renewable cellulose fiber that is sustainable and recyclable. Unlike the competition, our Fused-Cell cores are actually waterproof and have remarkable flex properties, retaining incredible structural integrity for years of enjoyment.

The evolutionary progression continues and Surftech has developed a wide variety of technologies that were each developed with specific characteristics in mind. Surftech continues to be the SUP leader, and this is why everyone from the world"s top designers to world-class athletes have chosen to work with us.

Length: 14"
Width: 29"
Thick: 6.65"
Volume: 259L
Fin: Single

ONLY $1,900

Original Price $2,258


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