Introducing the Peacemaker from Land Yachtz


The Peacemaker is one of 2012’s most anticipated boards, something truly different that will sell through fast. Shipping now, get this on order and in your shop before it’s available online. Read the details below in our press release, mailing Monday.  
Press Release:
Not long after the Wolfshark was introduced for 2011, it was setting off ideas in our team riders’ minds. Over the Summer they shortened the wheelbase, added a tail and turned the board into an urban DH machine. Here at Landyachtz it’s all skateboarding to us and we were stoked to have a tight-handling, ollie-able downhill board. The design process and rider feedback was great and the wheels were set in motion to make this a production model for 2012.
The concept was laid out for a medium wheelbase and a platform similar to that of the Wolfshark’s with a kicktail. A tail on a longboard can be hit or miss; to make it fully functional the length and angle have to be spot on. With a few rounds of fine-tuning the exact details were dialed in and it felt perfect.
For a few years Landyachtz has been prototyping boards with fendered wheel wells, but the feature had yet to make it into a production model. This was the perfect opportunity to keep the standing platform directly above the wheels while avoiding bite and adding pockets for the rider’s feet to lock into.
Land Yachtz Peacemaker
With the details hammered out, the project needed a name. What else has inspired awe in its onlookers, given its owner an upper hand and crushed opposition it its path? None other than Ash’s Boomstick from Army of Darkness. A cult classic, that’s big around the office, the named seemed perfect. Not long after publicizing the model as the Boomstick, were we contacted by a small manufacturer launching Boomstick Longboards by the same name. Rather than create tension and hold onto the name we decided to keep the peace move on. And, through that, we settled on the new title; the Peacemaker.

In support of the Peacemaker is the more basic Trooper. A bamboo cruiser version with the same shape and functionality in mind, slightly scaled back without the fenders. Now, with both models released, the Trooper and Peacemaker provide two different flavors to attack ditches, banks and hills ready to blast ollies and standup slides. Available now from your rep, these boards will make the most versatile setups in your quiver



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