MBS Newsletter July 09


Dirt, grass, pavement, bmx tracks, single track trails, grass hills, your backyard and now apparently even houses can be ridden. Basically, as you know, with a mountainboard your terrain is limitless. Oh, and regarding the cover shot. That’s ill Shaunzo doing a gutter tap. More on that project in future issues.

In case you’ve been riding under a rock lately and haven’t heard we’ve launched even more NEW products! For sale NOW! From our cool new colored T3 tread (Yellow and Green flavors) to our new line of street killing carveboards, there’s something new for everyone. If you’ve been shredding the pave a lot and have been burning through tread you might want to give our new Roadie slicks a spin. If you want even more stability of just want a super fat board check out our NEW 18″, that’s right, 18″ Matrix trucks. Basically something for everyone. Mix and match. Tweek out your ride. Dial it in and make this the best summer of riding ever!

Happy trails from the crew at MBS!


KAOS IN KANSAS! The Twilight Showdown!
August 7th & 8th
South Haven, Kansas

Huge NEW boardercross track being built by the people who brought you the MBS Backyard! Click HERE for more info. 

September 12 & 13
Empire, CO

Click HERE for more info. 

October 3rd & 4th
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Held in the Heart of the Rockies and the home of MBS Mountainboards, Colorado Springs has some amazing riding. The Freestyle comp will be held for the third year at the now legendary MBS Backyard and the Ultimate Downhill will be held for the 13th consecutive year at High Drive. Come check it out! Stay turned to MBS.COM/Events for more info. 

Freestyle Mountainboard Series / UK

If you like mountainboarding, you’ll love Cream Teas & mountainboard jam: 3 awesome European events going off this summer, brought to you by The BFC and Remolition.com.


Mountainboard events from almost every corner of the earth…stay tuned for updates…but get your gear ready and be prepared to rub some elbows and throw some spins! Click HERE to download the latest schedule. 


Do you have a great riding area in your neck of the woods? Do you want to put on an event or a race? Let us know and we can help out!
Contact [email protected] for more information. 



“On 22-23rd May there was an event in Budapest called 4th Big Sport-selector day. The aim was to provide testing and informing possibility to children and adult people who are looking for sporting possibilities and also a chance for people to meet the representatives of the sports. More than 90 sports showed up and during the two days approx 16,500 people visited the event. I can say the Hungarian Mountainboard Club did its best – our beloved sport was very popular. Most of the time children tried the boards but sometimes our riders made small shows by trying jumps and tricks. Even famous people tried mountainboarding like Ronald McDonald. More pictures of the event (mountainboard, skimboard, girls and party) are HERE.”


Australia – Jimmy Reynolds

My name is James Reynolds, I’m an Australian mountainboarder. I’m 17 years old and have been riding for 4 years.

Video – New Zealand

Video – Portugal

Riders: Tóká, André, Pi, Valter, Miguel

Video – USA – Wes Matweyew – Dirt Wave Kiting!

Caution…super sick riding! I think Wes is the toughest rider I know. 


Melissa Becker – Colorado

Melissa has been a top competitor on the mountainboard scene for many years. Check out her interview on Prettytough.com

The Best Selling Mountainboard

The Best Selling Mountainboard for smaller riders 









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