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2016 Starboard Nut 9'5" x 29"

MG_233712016 Starboard Nut2016 Starboard Nut2016 Starboard Nut Blue Carbon2016 Starboard Nut Wood2016 Starboard Nut2016 Starboard Hyper Nut

2016 Starboard Nut 9'5" x 29"

$3,099.00 $2,169.30

  • 9’5” glide and longboard style with short board performance from
    8’5” Pro tail shape.
  • Small and gutless to large powerful waves, it has a massive wave
    riding range.
  • The Nut outline accelerates water as you apply rail pressure,
    so when you utilize the mid-section V, you get incredible sensitivity,
    drive and speed from the subtlest of movements.
  • Available in Blue Carbon and Wood Technologies.
    Bottom shape: “Single concave to mid V to tail concave ”
  • Single concave gives lift for dropping in, smooth rail-to-rail
    transitions from the mid-section V, moving back to drive and
    acceleration out of turns from the tail concave.

I was out on the Nut 9’5” again today. The more I ride this board the more I love it. I’m starting to wonder why I even take another shorter board along with me. When ever I am on the nut I am having the best time ever, most times when I am riding another board I wish I was on the nut.
I know it is more macho to ride smaller boards, but I am loving the longer 9’5” length. The more shorter boards I sell, it just means more waves for me.~Steven Roan (Hi Tech, Maui)

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Product Description


Lightest weight, quickest response strongest build.

Features include:

  • A full deck, bottom and rail wrap of high density PVC foam makes the board stronger for impact and increases overall hull strength.
  • The ultra-light biaxial and uni-directional Carbon fibers with optimized angles wrap the entire board, introducing flex and reflex patterns in paddle boarding.
  • The sensational light weight increases carving ability and acceleration.


Board Weight

Weight: 8.24 kg / 18.17 lbs
*Weights are +/- 6%
EST Weight


Strong, light and exclusive. The original wood technology since 1994.

Features include:

  • 15 kg/m3 fused precision-molded cell core for light weight and increased water resistance.
  • A 500 kg/m3 veneer of 0.6mm biaxial Australian Pine forms an outer layer on the deck resulting in extra impact resistance, rigidity and further improved overall hull integrity.
  • A three-dimensional glass laminate is wetted out with high grade expanding epoxy resin. This creates a thicker impact resistant outer skin with increased overall hull strength.
  • Glass rail reinforcements for extra stiffness against snapping when nose diving.
  • Extra reinforcements are placed around all inserts, resulting in zero insert damage reports.
  • Starboard pioneered molded wood technology in 1994 and first introduced it to their Surf and Windsurfing boards.

Board Weight

Weight: 9.12 kg / 20.11 lbs
*Weights are +/- 6%
EST Weight


Length: Width: Thickness: Tail Width: Volume: Suggested Rider
Weight Range
9’5” 29” 4.4” 17.3” 140 L 55-100 kg
287.0 cm 73.7 cm 11.2 cm 43.9 cm


Center Fin: Side Fin:

170 Light Core

4.7” Light Core



Nut Video

Additional Information

Shipping Weight 60 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 114 x 29 x 5 in





4 2/5″


Brushed Carbon, Wood






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