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2016 Starboard Elite Touring 12'6" x 31.5"


2016 Starboard Elite Touring 12'6" x 31.5"


Multifunctional for cruising over distance, super fast yet incredibly stable.

  • Equipped with two bungee tie-downs to carry extra gear and four
    FCS inserts for installing camera.
  • The wider 12’6” x 31.5” Elite Touring is more stable for heavier
    riders up to 110kg or for carrying more supplies.
  • The slimmer 12’6” x 30” Elite Touring is fast and easy to paddle,
    great for the riders up to 100kg who want efficiency, ease and control.
  • Available in Wood, Starshot (See page 15) and
    Hybrid Carbon Technologies (See page 61).
    Bottom shape: “Round V double concave mid-section to deep V concave tail”

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Product Description

Hybrid Carbon

This light weight hybrid layup, offers a good weight at great strength.

Features include:

  • The full wrap of biaxial glass fiber cover ed by military grade plain weave gives great impact resistance for its weight and also provide a good Flex Pattern.
  • The UD Carbon rail bands enhance this construction by making it longitudinally stronger and providing faster recoil.
  • The standing area is reinforced with 2 wide strips of 0.6mm t hick Australian Pine to prevent heel marks over time.
  • The Hybrid Carbon technology combines performance and great value.

Board Weight

Weight: 12.50 kg / 27.56 Ibs

EST Weight
*Weights are +/- 6%


Strong, light and exclusive. The original wood technology since 1994.

Features include:

  • 15 kg/m3 fused precision-molded cell core for light weight and increased water resistance.
  • A 500 kg/m3 veneer of 0.6mm biaxial Australian Pine forms an outer layer on the deck resulting in extra impact resistance, rigidity and further improved overall hull integrity.
  • A three-dimensional glass laminate is wetted out with high grade expanding epoxy resin. This creates a thicker impact resistant outer skin with increased overall hull strength.
  • Glass rail reinforcements for extra stiffness against snapping when nose diving.
  • Extra reinforcements are placed around all inserts, resulting in zero insert damage reports.
  • Starboard pioneered molded wood technology in 1994 and first introduced it to their Surf and Windsurfing boards.

Board Weight

Weight: 13.98 kg / 30.83 lbs

EST Weight
*Weights are +/- 6%


Starboard quality at an attractive price.

Features include:

  • 15 kg/m3 fused precision-molded cell core for light weight and increased water resistance.
  • Multiple layers of high grade fiberglass are wetted out in epoxy resin, while a standing area of a 0.6mm uni-directional, Australian Pine wood layer is added for extra deck impact resistance and rigidity. All inserts have added reinforcements.
  • Glass reinforced rails.
  • 3/4 deck pads with crocodile skin texture.
  • Boards under 10’0” feature a tail kick pad.
  • Full gloss rails and deck.
  • Our boards are all precision molded and the compression during molding ensures an extra hard and strong outer surface.

Board Weight

Weight: 14.04 kg / 30.96 lbs

EST Weight
*Weights are +/- 6%


Length: Width: Thickness: Tail Width: Volume: Suggested Rider
Weight Range
12’6” 31.5” 6.5” 17.0” 254 L 55-110 kg
381.0 cm 80.0 cm 16.5 cm 43.1 cm


Center Fin: Side Fin:

Dol-Fin 22” Light Core



Additional Information

Shipping Weight 60 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 150 x 32 x 6.5 in



31 1/2″


6 1/2″






Carbon & Fiberglass, Starshot Blue, Wood


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