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2015 Starboard Pro 7'4" x 25.5"


2015 Starboard Pro 7'4" x 25.5"


“Get it in the carbon construction and watch this thing fly!”

The 7’4” x 25.5” is the board that will take your riding to the next level of performance. With a narrow outline, thinner in the nose and tail, this board speeds through turns effortlessly. The single concave to a drastic V in the tail offers a speedy ride down the line as well as a very quick bottom-to-top turn response. That, mixed with the sharp rails of the tail tapering into a thinner domed rail in the center and through the nose, provides a very gradual transition into your turns and out. All these aspects combine for the ultimate board for powerfully quick, vertical turns, cutbacks and airs at a level no other board has allowed before.

“Personally this board is the most high performance board I have ridden yet. Get it in the carbon construction and watch this thing fly! Executing turns at a much quicker speed and flying higher in the air. Enjoy!!” – Sean Poynter

“Concave to double concave, to heavy V on tail”

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  • Starboard Brushed Carbon technology uses 15 kg/m3 fused, precision molded Cellcore for light weight and water resistance. A full deck, bottom and rail wrap of high density PVC foam makes the board stronger for impact and hugely increases overall hull strength.
  • The ultra light biaxial and unidirectional carbon fibers with optimized angles wrap the entire board, introducing flex and reflex patterns in paddle boarding.
  • A well suited flex pattern with great reflex is essential for getting the most out of your wave riding. The sensational light weight increases carving ability and acceleration.
  • The weight saving further allows you to paddle longer with less energy consumption.

Board Weight

Weight: 5.45 kg / 12.02 lbs
*Weights are +/- 6%


Length: Width: Thickness: Tail Width: Volume: Rider up to:
7’4” 25.5” 3.6” 17.2” 78 L 65 kg
223.5 cm 64.8 cm 9.1 cm 43.7 cm


Center Fin: Side Fin:
140 Hexcel 4.5” Hexcel

*Comes standard with Quad and Thruster fin boxes

**Thruster fins are supplied based on team rider performance feedback.

Additional information

Shipping Weight 50 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 84 × 24 × 3 in








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