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SUP Boards

SUP Boards

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  • Sale!

    2016 Starboard Wide Point 8'10" X 32"

    $1,249.00 $1,049.00


    • Shorter length makes it easier to whip around
    for riders up to 95kg.

    • Delivers floatation and stability with exceptional
    performance in a range of conditions.

    • Also a stable platform for younger lighter riders
    to develop surf skills.

    • Available in Blue Carbon, Wood, AST Electric
    and Starshot Technologies.

    • AST Electric has windsurf option.

    Bottom Shape: “Continuous mono-concave”

    • Moderate volume rails, shortboard outline
    and progressive rocker combine for a super
    smooth ride with the ability for aggressive cutbacks.

  • Sale!

    2016 Starboard Wide Point 9'5" X 32"

    $1,349.00 $1,109.00


    • 9’5” shorter length handles bigger sized waves and offers tighter and faster turning.

    • Pulled in nose for dealing with hollower sections.

    • Easy access to fun and performance for a range of weights and conditions.

    • Available in Blue Carbon, Wood, AST Electric and Starshot Technologies.

    • AST Electric has windsurf option.

    Bottom Shape: “Continuous mono-concave”

    • Fine rails forward for smooth entry acceleration with mono-concave bottom shape to V off

    the tail for lift, speed and agility.

    • Thruster configuration and tail kick for smooth on rail carving and aggressive cutbacks.

  • Sale!

    2016 Starboard Wide Point 10'5" X 32"

    $1,060.00$2,999.00 $1,109.00$2,157.00

    10’5” length offers glide on flat-water and fast entry into waves.

    • Shorter length heightens maneuverability and tighter turning.

    • 32” width gives balance for riders up to 105kg.

    • Available in Blue Carbon, Wood, AST Electric, Starshot and Inflatable Technologies.

    • AST Electric has windsurf option.

    Bottom Shape: “Mono-concave to double concave to round V”

    • Heavy mid-section V and double concave generate speed with a rail-to-rail

    sensation when standing in the middle of the board.

    • Tail V rocker and outline help to create smooth tight arcs.

    • Fine forward rails, mono-concave nose and ample nose kick provide an efficient

    smooth and safe entry into the wave.

  • Sale!

    2016 Starboard Wide Point 11'2" X 32"

    $1,349.00$1,749.00 $1,109.00$1,327.00



    •  Dynamic board giving the larger rider up to 115kg
      excellent stability and maneuverability in moderate surf.
    • The longest in the Wide Point range offers extra glide
      for cruising and earlier entry on the wave.
    • 32” width gives stability while retaining high reactivity
      in the surf.
      Available in Blue Carbon, Wood, AST Electric and Starshot Technologies.
    • AST Electric has windsurf option.
      Bottom Shape: “Mono-concave to double concave to round V”
    • Heavy midsection V and double concave makes effortless
      rail-to-rail transitions down the line for generating speed,
      feeding into a tail concave for tight fast cutbacks.

  • Sale!

    2016 Starboard Avanti 11'2"X36"

    $3,299.00 $2,365.00


    • 11’2” length has fast glide for flat-water
    cruising and easy entry into waves.

    • 36” width offers an incredibly stable board
    for heavier riders or multiple paddlers up to 130kg.

    • The bottom shape performance defies
    the dimensions of such a big board.

    • Available in Blue Carbon, Wood,
    AST Electric, Starshot and ASAP Technologies.

    • AST Electric has windsurf option.

    Bottom Shape: “Mono to double concave to tail concave”

    • Nose concave feeding into a heavy mid-section
    double concave and V, create lift for getting into the wave easily.

    • Ability to generate speed with rail-to-rail
    transition from the middle of the board.

    • Mono-concave tail offers speed with
    curve on the rail for tighter turning.

  • Sale!

    2016 Naish Mana 8'10" GTW

    $1,999.00 $1,179.00

    The Mana 8’10” GTW features a compact surf design for lighter riders in everyday wave conditions.

  • Sale!

    2016 Naish Mana 8'5" GTW

    $1,549.00 $1,179.00

    The Mana 8’5’’ GTW features a wide outline, wide rounded tail and full nose shape for incredible stability for a board of this length.

  • Sale!

    2016 Naish Nalu 11'6" GTW

    $1,999.00 $1,199.00

    The Nalu 11’6″ GTW features a full body design for everything from entry level paddling, to flatwater cruising, to surfing.

  • Sale!

    2016 Naish Nalu 11'0" GTW

    $1,999.00 $1,179.00

    The new Nalu 11’0” GTW features a versatile design for classic longboard surfing performance, touring and flatwater cruising.

  • Sale!

    2016 Naish Mana 9'5" GTW

    $1,999.00 $1,199.00

    The Mana 9’5″ GTW features an exaggerated wave design for riders who want both stability and optimum performance in medium to small size surf.

  • Sale!

    2016 Naish Hokua 8'3" x 32 GTW

    $1,999.00 $1,179.00

    New and extremely accessible wave designs for riders who want the wave turning performance and acceleration of a Hokua blended with the stability and wave catching ease of the Mana.

  • Sale!

    2016 Naish Glide 12'6" x 30 GTW

    $1,999.00 $1,199.00

    The Glide 12’6” X30 GTW is the ideal choice for riders of any level who want increased stability for touring, enjoying downwind ocean runs, recreational racing and fitness training.

  • Sale!

    2015 Starboard Seven Eleven 7'11" X 30 - Brushed Carbon

    $3,138.00 $1,775.00

    From small to larger surf, it handles all with style. Starboard 2015 7’11” X 30 Brushed Carbon.

    The short board that gives ample stability with the smoothest ride imaginable. It’s a fun, easy to ride board with the ability to crank a tight turn. But what sets it apart is the drive and seamless rail-to-rail turning that’s a real joy to experience.

    “Mono concave at nose to double concave and slight V at tail”

  • Sale!

    2015 Starboard Yoga 35 Inflatable

    $1,300.00 $952.00

    This is the perfect solution for people who like to travel with their yoga boards.” ~Dashama

    The 10’0” x 35” yoga board line was inspired with both nature and function at heart. The colors aqua, blue green, are the primarily colors of the ocean, plants and sky. These are our earth’s most blessed gifts. The water sustains life, the plants provide our fresh air to breathe, the sky portrays our limitless potential. The water drop, with ripples on the bottom, speaks to our intentions to Be The Change. Everything we do, no matter how small, contributes to and affects the bigger picture. One tiny action can create ripples that can make big positive impacts across all oceans and around the world.

    The window is a symbol to show you there is a whole world beneath us: our oceans and waterways are vast, mysterious, unexplored territory. As we become connected to the world in the waters, we can understand the importance of preserving and protecting them even more.

    The spiral star is a symbol of love: a sacred geometry. With Sri Yantra in the middle, which is like Ying Yang in India, it stands for balance and prosperity. The OM sign signifies unity of consciousness.

    The size is perfect for stability – just wide enough for all levels. A bit shorter than most race and leisure boards, which makes it easier to transport and more stable, especially for women.

    The inflatable is my favorite. As we eliminate the need for Styrofoam and replace it with the eco-friendly option of air, we are moving in the sustainable direction. These boards are lightweight and portable. Rolled up, they easily travel in the new wheeling Astro bag, which can be carried on planes as checked luggage.

  • Sale!

    2015 Starboard Pocket Touring 9'6" x 29.5"

    $2,477.00 $1,953.00

    Extra fast for its length, real stable and great tracking.”

    The Pocket Touring 9’6” x 29’5” is another milestone by Starboard. A versatile short hull signifying a new landmark in Touring performance.

    It accelerates well with its low weight and has an agile feel. It easily keeps good ground speed and is faster than a 12’0” all-round design.

    The swept back oversized Director fin is extra wide and makes for great tracking with the fin box sitting all the way back in the board,

    This light, fun, Pocket Touring design is fascinating on the flats, great in chop and a blast through shore breaks. A short, easy to store board that is really big on performance.

    “Round V double concave midsection to deep V concave tail”

  • Sale!

    2015 Starboard All Star Junior 10'6" x 24"

    $1,726.00 $1,160.00

    “A perfect board for future racers.”

    We see younger and younger athletes at every race, many of them using a board that is proportionally too big for them. The All Star Junior is aimed for kids up to 40kg who don’t yet have the power to paddle a 12’6” board up to hull speed. It is perfectly dimensioned to get the best speed for kids’ strength and to ride in all conditions without being overwhelmed by the power of wind and ocean.

  • Sale!

    2015 Starboard Sprint

    $3,200.00 $2,048.00

    “This year’s 12’6’’ x 25’’ is significantly faster than last year’s 12’6” x 24’’ and as stable as last year’s 12’6” x 26.”

    The world’s fastest flatwater orientated board raises the bar even higher for 2015, with increases in speed and efficiency over the victorious 2014 models.

    The bottom shape has been completely updated to offer better versatility in flatwater and ocean chop, with cross rockers providing plenty of curves (control), but a flat profile (speed).

    The complex concave and rail shape dictates at all time where the water should flow under the board to reduce drag, generating bags of acceleration through the Venturi effect.

    The 2015 model is significantly more stable than last year relative to width, partly due to the new inner deck rail shape which offers a low center of gravity with wider inside standing area and the concave tail.

  • Sale!

    2015 Starboard Pro 7'4" x 25.5"

    $3,000.00 $1,953.00

    “Get it in the carbon construction and watch this thing fly!”

    The 7’4” x 25.5” is the board that will take your riding to the next level of performance. With a narrow outline, thinner in the nose and tail, this board speeds through turns effortlessly. The single concave to a drastic V in the tail offers a speedy ride down the line as well as a very quick bottom-to-top turn response. That, mixed with the sharp rails of the tail tapering into a thinner domed rail in the center and through the nose, provides a very gradual transition into your turns and out. All these aspects combine for the ultimate board for powerfully quick, vertical turns, cutbacks and airs at a level no other board has allowed before.

    “Personally this board is the most high performance board I have ridden yet. Get it in the carbon construction and watch this thing fly! Executing turns at a much quicker speed and flying higher in the air. Enjoy!!” – Sean Poynter

    “Concave to double concave, to heavy V on tail”

  • Sale!

    2015 Starboard Pro 7'1" x 24"

    $3,000.00 $1,953.00

    “The InZane is everything you need to bump up your Stand Up Paddle Surfing game!”

    The 7’1” x 24” InZane Pro Model is my only board on tour, on my travels and every day at home. I rely on the InZane 7’1” x 24” for all my events in all conditions and it continues to amaze me with its overall ability to perform in every wave type; small or big, glassy or choppy, windy or perfect. When choosing the board construction, I recommend brushed carbon for the incredibly light feel. With Starboard’s innovative, quality construction the board is lively and responsive in a wide variety of conditions. The rail-to-rail transitions, energetic snaps and maneuvers, acceleration out of turns and through flat sections are nothing like you have ever experienced. As one of the most innovative and high-performance boards on the market, it is the only board I trust when competing with the world’s best on tour and when pushing myself and the limits of the sport.- See you on the water – Aloha and Mahalo, Zane Kekoa Schweitzer

    “Concave to double concave, to heavy V on tail”

  • Sale!

    2015 Starboard Drive 10'5"x30"

    $3,000.00 $1,953.00

    “Extremely versatile flat-water paddleboard. An ideal entry into the waves.”

    A long-time favorite in the range, chosen for its versatility and all-round fun, the Drive is used by all paddlers looking for flatwater exploring, fitness or surf. The bottom configuration of a single concave forward moving through to heavy V in the mid-section, with deep concaves running through to V in the tail, create speed and maneuverability with a crisp and lively rail-to-rail feel.

    “Mono-concave to flat middle to V”

  • Sale!

    2015 Starboard Airborn

    $2,000.00$3,000.00 $1,372.00$1,953.00

    “Mushy waves… no problem”

    The Air Born 7’4’’x28.5’’ is a scaled down version of the Air Born 7’10’’x30’’ to allow lighter or highly-skilled riders to optimize sessions where swell isn’t very big. Everything about the Air Born has been designed to get the best performance in mushy waves. Its fish-style outline offers great shortboard carving.

    Thin, high-apex rail lets the water flow around it, accelerating the board on the rail.

  • Sale!

    2015 Starboard Freeride XL 12'2" x 32"

    $1,399.00 $1,025.50

    “Ultimate glide and speed on an all-round board.”

    The extra two inches in width allows heavier riders (90kg+) to enjoy this hybrid shape for cruising or training. An extremely comfortable and effortless board.

    “Double-concave to single”

  • Sale!

    2015 Starboard Elite Touring 11'6" x 29.5"

    $1,899.00 $1,279.00

    “Extra fast, real stable and great tracking.”

    The Elite Touring 11’6” x 29.5” proved a breakthrough in gliding performance for a board at this length. The slender nose section pierces water while volume distribution in rails and concave bottom shape provides the glide and stability.

    It feels light and nimble, has great glide and is simply fun to ride. The aft fin box supports great tracking.

    Equipped with two bungee tie downs to carry extra gear and four FCS inserts for installing lights or GPS.

    “Round V double concave midsection to deep V concave tail”

  • Sale!

    2015 Starboard All Star

    $2,175.71$3,400.00 $2,048.00$2,143.00

    Design teams face many challenges; the toughest, staying ahead of the Race Team. Every season we provide some of the worlds most decorated paddlers with new designs; boards that have evolved. These designs need to be slightly ahead of the athlete.

    We want to thank Brian Szymanski, John Becker, Bart de Zwart, Connor Baxter, Annabel Anderson and Zane Schweitzer.


    The 2015 All Stars have more width up front in combination with more pronounced bottom concaves; this increases the stability and allows us to ride more narrow, faster boards. A benefit of a more narrow hull other than less friction, is that the paddle comes closer to the board and creates a more efficient power transfer also allowing for more strokes per side. The lower tail and nose rocker improves acceleration into bumps and makes it especially easy to connect to the next wave. The flat water speed is also noticeably improved with the enhanced rocker line which creates a longer, effective waterline.

    * Note: 2015 All Star Carbon Race boards have the orange logos while the Glass Technology is green.

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