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Red Bull King of the Air

"This week the 24 of the world's best kiteboarders had to wait for the right conditions and 2nd February '14 was finally the day. Big Bay turned into a playground for the pro's as they showed the crowd the highest jumps and sickest tricks they had up their [wetsuit]sleeve!" This short film gives you an ...

Ashley's First Kiteboarding Lesson

When Jason asked me to meet him at Oceano Beach last week, I thought we would be getting some aerial footage or doing another shoot with the gimbal. However, when I arrived and saw the big California Kiteboarding van, I knew we'd be doing something different today. It was time to learn how to kiteboard. ...

Riding the Storm with Victor Sellinger

Victor Sellinger braves it all! With a World War II ambulance on site, Victor Sellinger is the ONLY kiteboarder with enough stones to brave the storm. Equipped with his custom shaped Loyd KiteSurf board, he charges the Oceano surf between squalls, thunder, rain, and huge surf. Luckily Victor is a veteran kiteboarder at Pismo Beach …


Youri Zoon in Cape Town, South Africa

Youri Zoon is a talented kitesurfer who loves the sport. So talented, that he is the PKRA World Champion. According to his website,, not only does he fly slingshot kites, but this year he is riding with the RPM that he helped develop and test. He is a twenty-two year old who has been riding …

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