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Naish News - Introducing the Ride

INTRODUCING THE RIDE… THE WAY KITEBOARDING SHOULD BE. Kiteboarding should be easy. That's why we created a kite and board combo that delivers easy control and use with no loss of performance.   "The Ride [kite] was derived from the base origins of the Park, but with more focus on a 'sheet in and go' […]

Take kitesurfing to the next level with Jo Wilson's short burst sessions

Ready to take your kiteboarding to the next level? Jo Wilson announces her UK Short Burst Sessions. Each session is three hours long and there are two per day. A maximum of four spaces are available per session ensuring a strong element of individual attention without overwhelming amounts of information.  She runs the UK Short […]


The Waterfront Park in Hood River, O hosted the first annual Naish Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge on the weekend of August 20./21. Elite athletes from across the U.S. including Naish's own Dave Kalama, Kai Lenny, Chuck Patterson, Jerry Bess, Michi Schweiger, Jenny Kalmbach and Karen Wrenn plus members of the Hood River community came out […]

Naish Episode 3 - Team Meet Up Down Under

NAISH KITEBOARDING TV EPISODE 3: TEAM MEET UP DOWN UNDER In this episode of Naish Kiteboarding TV, Sam Light meets up with fellow team riders Jalou Langeree, Florian Daubos and young Australian Ewan Jaspan for some down under kiteboarding paradise sessions. EPISODE THREE of Naish Kiteboarding TV is ON THE AIR! DIRECTED BY: James Boulding […]

Flexifoil Live to Fly: Proton

The PROTON offers the easy re-launch, predictable flight, stability and quick turns that the rider needs to master the waves, or simply cruise across the flats with confidence… oh and did we mention it now looks better than ever? Flexifoil has refined an already successful kite to an even greater level. This year you’ll see overall weight reductions and […]

Berndt Roediger riffs on his Dakhla Festival experience

  Dakhla, Morocco by Bernd Roediger    The 2011 Dakhla Festival in Morocco was a really cool experience for me. Being in Morocco opened my eyes to an entirely different culture, not to mention some unreal surf! I got the news that Dad and I had been selected to go to Dakhla after the Sunset […]

Unique features of the Hadlow kite

Innovative Depowered Setting   The 2011 HADLOW features two depower settings: a standard option provides the same freestyle performance that Aaron uses every  day, with a depowered setting offering over 50% more depower. This innovative system gives the rider a host of advantages that only the HADLOW can offer, including a wider wind range per size, and a more forgiving and accessible attitude, perfect […]

The Hadlow Freestyle Board

Innovative Rocker The innovative rocker on the freestyle board is built in three stages down the centre line, with a normal smooth rocker line on the  rails. This innovative base shape creates a concave in the center and allows you to add more rocker into the board whilst still keeping its speed, effectively creating a fast, smooth ride with good grip […]

The Blade V

The Blade V is the unrivalled jumping fixed power kite. With the Blade V you will jump higher than ever, and experience the raw  power that only this kite can generate, giving pure exhilaration every time you fly the kite. The all new design pushes more raw power and lift, into a legendary powerful canopy, giving all air junkies […]

Live to fly: Anarchist & Anarchist Pro

The Anarchist is designed for free riders and those who enjoy all aspects of kiting. The board has a very positive driving turn thanks to the fin position being set very in board. This makes it ideal for those looking for that Surfing feel. The Anarchist is also very smooth in even the choppiest of conditions thanks to […]

Escaping the UK winter chill

The UK can be dark, bleak and freezing cold in January and 2011 began with no exception, so Naish UK windsurfing team rider Jan Sleigh took off to Cape Verde in search of warm winter wind and waves and discovered an SUP playground.   “Our trip was mainly to find some windsurfing spots, but the […]

Karen Wrenn: The First SUP Crossing of the Channel Islands

Last week, stand up paddler Karen Wrenn became the first person to paddle between all 8 of the Channel Islands, consecutively, off the coast of Southern California. Rough seas, inclement weather, long distances and sealife with mighty big teeth were some of the challenges she had to overcome to make the crossing.   “After he […]