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Naish SUP Demo with California Kiteboarding


Naish SUP Demo with California Kiteboarding

Naish SUP Demo with California Kiteboarding

Naish stopped in Pismo Beach on their SUP Beach Tour last month, and several eager stand-up paddleboarders got the chance to try out some of the latest boards and paddles.

Some last-minute location changes brought the demo to Shell Beach, where sets of five to six foot waves allowed the riders to test out the new boards’ strengths and abilities.

Naish rep Matt Willett brought a variety of new boards, including the Mana 9’5” and 10’, the Hokua 8’10”, 9’3”, and 9’6”, and the Mana 7’10” (AKA “The EGG”). The Mana 9’5” seemed to be the most popular, earning rave reviews from AJ (“The Superstar”), Dan McGreagor, and Steve Beneron. The Egg was a challenging, but fun ride for the more experienced riders.

Check out the SUP Photo page HERE for more photos from the demo!

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