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Interview with Bruna Kajiya


Interview with Bruna Kajiya

Bruna Kajiya has definitively got it, and certainly knows how to flaunt her undisputable talent as she made her way to the top of her career as the 2009 Female PKRA World Freestyle Kiteboarding Champion.

We caught up with Kajiya in Perth, Western Australia where she has been training hard for the upcoming pro tour season, which will commence in 3 weeks.

It was a pleasure to watch Bruna during one of her training sessions. It seems like she’s been spending lots of time admiring the kangaroo’s here in Australia because she was certainly jumping fearlessly through the air hammering some super sick complex tricks.

Bruna took some time from her busy training session to share some of her personal thoughts, feelings and opinions.

1-Tell us what it feels like to be amongst the names of extreme athletes sponsored by Red Bull.
It’s amazing to be on a team formed by such great athletes from all extreme sports, everyone of them pushing the limit at their own sport and all of us together on the pursuit of the same goal, to help the evolution of the sport. This is exactly what I want to do with my career, to push kiteboarding for girls so this new relationship with Red Bull is a perfect fit for me.

2-What were your first thoughts and feelings when hearing your name called as the first time female world freestyle kiteboarding champion?
It’s hard to put into words such an intense moment but I felt great happiness, this amazing feeling of achievement was just a lot of emotions poring out at the same time, that was the result of a lot of work and dedication becoming reality right there. Funny thing is that once it all went away and I had some quiet time the first thing that came to my mind was: ” Now what?” I wanted to start working on something else right away… I think this is the drive for life, to always work on something you love and be close to your loved ones.

3-Can you tell us what a normal day looks like in your life.
It’s to wake up all sore, check the wind to know what to expect for the day, have a good breakfast, do emails and keep my sponsors posted on my plans. After that I just go to the beach, get some riding done and do yoga at the end of the day so I’m able to wake up the next day 🙂 At night I just like to eat well, a lot of times I’ll cook dinner since I enjoy it a lot, hang out with friends or watch a movie.

4-Do you focus 100% of your attention on kiteboarding, or do you have other intriguing interests as well?
I have lots of other interests but kiteboarding takes up most of my time, not only training but also taking pictures, filming, getting in touch with all my sponsors. All of this is really time consuming and most people think that being a pro rider is only about riding and competing…but whenever I have some time off I’ll go snowboarding, surfing, I also like photography, music, yoga and cooking.

5-Obviously you had a good season with 3 first places and a 2nd place, in your opinion what do you think it will take to defend your title this year?
Everything! The girls levels have increased a lot last year and there are tough competitions for this season. I have to keep training, improving and giving my best on the competitions if I want to keep the title this is year.

6-Asia Litwin is a name that has been turning heads this past season, as well as yours during competitions. Do you feel confident in your skills to defend the world title this year with her rocket fast rise to the podium?
I feel confident with my riding and I’ve improved my competition skills this past year but you never know what you’ll see yourself up against in a heat, she’s a very good rider so I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for her.

7-It is known that you and pro rider Cesar Portas have been dating for quite some time now. What advice could you give girlfriends of pro riders who are trying to deal with the absence of their partners for weeks, sometimes even months apart?
To be honest is quite hard to have a relationship like that, I’m lucky because Cesar also does the competitions and we get to be together more then apart but we also have to travel on our own a lot and for me the key to make it work is a lot of trust. It’s hard to be apart for months and the important thing is to accept the condition you are in and let the other one be free while your not together. It’s really common to have problems when the other person doesn’t call or is doing lots of fun things when you are stuck at home or something and that’s the time you have to let the other person live without putting pressure or being upset because of that.

8-What are your goals for this year and are you excited about the 2010 PKRA Tour event schedule lineup?
I’m very exited for this season; we have a full schedule of competitions, which is amazing! We have new events like Thailand, Australia that should be really interesting and awesome locations like Greece. My goal is to keep pushing it for the girls, do my best to keep the title and also manage to get to the end of the year in one piece 🙂

9-How difficult is it for you to perform advanced tricks such as switch s-bend handle passes and switch KGB handle passes?
They are very technical tricks so it’s really hard, when you do a switch is a whole different experience since your are using a side that is the opposite of normal to you, so it feels funny but with training you can get more and more use to it and hopefully execute it with the same ability as your normal trick.

10-Does being a girl limit you in any way when it comes to executing complex tricks?
Yeah it’s different for girls, in my opinion us girls have a lot of technique but we lack the strength that men have that sometimes makes the difference on the execution of a trick, specially when you are still learning it and you are not 100% familiar with the technique but you make it wok using a lot more strength.

11-Are you often compared to the top male riders and their styles?
Hmmm I’ve never heard it, but I guess you always get compared with other people on everything you do in life, and in competition a bit more since we are comparing skills after all.

12-Is there anything that you would like to share with your fans or loved ones who support you through your passionate kiteboarding career?
I want to say thank you to everyone that supports me and say that the things I accomplished are the result of hard work and energy not only from myself but from a lot of people that help me daily to pursue my goals and do what I love.

Thank You Bruna for sharing some of your thoughts, feelings and opinions with us. Best wishes for the 2010 PKRA World Kiteboarding Tour Season!!

Jacqueline d’Entremont
PKRA Press Officer.


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